Our Team

Pete Keseloff

President Duties: To ensure all lines of business and relations within the company run efficiently, cost-effectively, and well above the industry standard.

Stacey Mcdonald

Secretary/Treasurer/Accounts Payable Duties: To maintain precise billing and payment of debts, fees, and charges, while overseeing accounts personnel.

Ully Mahler

Sales / Tech Support Duties: to provide honest and educated sales support with emphasis on cost and correctness.

Kris Mcdonald

Sales/Tech Support/Purchasing Duties: To precisely service and maintain our customerís needs with a primary focus on value.

Aram Kazarian

Ė Sales/Tech Support/Training Duties: To supply all aspects of customer service and technical support while providing customers with certified training and safety classes.

Cindy Mundt

Accounts Receivable/Credit Dept Duties: To process customer billing and receivables in a timely and accurate manner as well as directing incoming calls and customer requests.

New Items

...Iíve never installed a chemical filled ground rod before in my life...Hell, Iíve never even seen one before this job...But after speaking with you I felt like a seasoned pro.More