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Couplers / Drive Studs

Item # 74

ERITECH threadless compression or wedge-type couplers are easily installed between traditional threadless ground rods. The compression joint is formed by driving the ground rods and can be done easily without concerns about separation. Manufactured of high-strength silicon bronze. Coupling is tapered, so when the rod is driven into the coupling the two parts compress to form a conductive connection. Also available for galvanized and stainless steel. ERITECH threaded couplers are used to extend threaded sectional ground rods. The joint is formed by screwing together the rod sections and coupling so the ground rods can be driven to a deeper, more stable environment. Manufactured of high-strength silicon bronze. Coupling is threaded for a positive, worry-free, highly conductive connection. Drive Studs - Used in conjunction with threaded couplers while driving sectional ground rods to prevent damage to the rodsí threads.